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  • Sei Plays - extended logo and music

    I was messing around with some free mixing software to try to make something for my short opening, and ended up with this. I'll cut it down for the actual opening, but hey, thought it wasn't bad for someone who doesn't know what he's doing. Don't mind the…

  • Yarrr

    I'm a pirate!

  • c( TC ) Simple SciFi Skybox

    I've been messing around with a few things lately, and one of the results is a skybox. This is my first successfully made mesh building. Here's some info: ◈ 5 land impact, 1 mesh shape (including physics, so no hidden physics prims to move around)…

  • Normal maps, spec maps, and diffuse, oh my!~

    There has been a lot of talk lately about the materials project coming soon to Second Life. It's exciting, and definitely something that will greatly improve perceived detail for those who decide to build with it in mind. Most of the time when people ment…

  • EVE-Profile Pic anim 2013-06-07 15-12-46-52

    Been on EVE, hiding at home, having a mental breakdown, learning orbital and gravitational mathematics, and/or working on a lion tail lately. It's been weird lately. This is what an EVE avatar looks like after you edit the shape, add clothes, and then pos…

  • EVE Online: Sneeze!

    Someone sneezed during their ID pic! Tsk! Also, long character creation video I did last night:

  • June 2

    Today is a special day for me, or more like whatever the word would be for an anti-special day. It marks the beginning of my neurological disorder which started fourteen years ago: June 2, 1999. It marked the end of any chance of a normal life. I tried to…

  • WIP for Brics a Bracs

    I'm running a little behind but these should be ready by the time the event opens!

  • Abstract Thing for SL Project

    I needed a pic for a project I'm working on for SL, so made a quick abstract digital thing. It won't show up as detailed in SL so I figured I'd upload the full one here. 5760x3240 in the all sizes section. This is going to be cover art for a simple physi…

  • System Glitch

    I was looking at the weird glitch art stuff people are doing lately and did something weird. It's technically not glitch art since everything was done on purpose. I promise I'll do something for SL soon. x_x

  • Blue space

    Space thing. No point to making these, but I keep doing it.

  • Photo May 24, 12 29 29 PM

    This is how I computer.

  • ERMAHGERD It's a Sei

    *flails and runs away*

  • Second Life - Surfing!

    1080 version on Youtube

  • Rui!