Elegance of Yesteryear.

Americano....Cars etc.

Elegance of Yesteryear.

One of about two hundred old American cars leaving Opunake Beach after the Americano display.

Magnificently Restored.

One of about two hundred cars in the Americano Display at Opunaki

Vintage Car

Vintage car.that was in the Americano car display at Opunaki.

In Americano Car Rally

At Opunake Beach.

Red beauty.

In the Americano parade in Opunake. Archive Airings.....AA 305.....Red and Green.

Yesterday's Hotrod.

Convertible in Americano Parade.

At Opunake.

Grey and Glamorous.

One of the cars in the Americano parade on the beach camp at Opunake.

Yellow Beauty

In the Americano display at Opunake.
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