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  • day 365....The End....

    .....and this is how my projects ends.....a wonderful experience for me...and I am so surprised that so many people followed my project... I had so much fun making the banner for today's photo, I had a bit of help too..... and during this time there was…

  • day 339....token for the dreams...

    Last night I went to the movies and I saw a very interesting a good movie called "Inception" ... every night I dream so many tings that I could make a movie a night :) so I really wanted to see this one very much... The movie was about dreams and dreamin…

  • Between Ice Walls - PiP

    Mont Blanc du Tacul, 4248 m
    By Berny

  • fla87_007.jpg

    Kodak in Future World
    By df1hx

  • Equestrian

    British Museum, London

  • Sheep 3

    Improved lighting compared to #2 (or, I hope so). Both pictures taken with an MF 105/2.5 pre-Ai. This one at f5.6, #2 at f2.5. Pretty impressive for a 30 year old lense. Light: remote SB-800, reflector, internal flashlight.

  • flor??