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  • Why would this man wear a pink cap?

    This retrobate is my friend Simon who I am using for experimental purposes. OK I seem to be able to upload a photo but am having probs with scans (vista-printer compatability I wonder?)

  • And why,oh why, would I wear an orange beret?

  • 'cus it's Queens Day in Amsterdam

    That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

  • Two very silly men.


  • I think this is from Cullum James's collection

  • Kegs 3

    Yeah sure

  • mates

    Don't know what they've been drinking, but they look that they shouldn't be driviing.

  • The Prince and the Showgirl

    The more I look the less I'm convinced. (And I'm sure Larry Olivier would have had his doubts too)

  • The masked marauderer

    From: The Other Andrew Blogspot.

  • sailor boy with dog

  • inflated trunks

  • Pryamid 1

  • SumoWrestler[1]

    That's that famous Hawaiien guy who's name I always forget

  • Port Macquardie Surf Bathers Club 1914

  • Streaker at Twickenham 1974

    Michael O'Brian is generally credited with starting the Streaking rage which continues (goody) to this day. I remember seeing this photo in the daily papers at the time and being struck as were many by its prudity and Christ like symbolism. Anyway I think…

  • YMCA Cross Country Team 1909

  • Highland moon

    Once upon a time it used to be an asset,now alas, just ol' ass. Oh well, Tempus Fugit.

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