The Future And Once King

Uniformity and Conformity - Boys In Bondage

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  • The Future And Once King

    Nobody had any idea the trouble this one would cause. Edward V111 as a lad. I'm guessing, but that looks like a Navel Cadet uniform - I wonder if it was taken when he was a cadet at Dartmouth aboard the Britanica and apparantly being quite badly abused by…

  • The Ridgeway Band

    There IS life without accordians. And Bagpipes.

  • HMS Britannia Cadets 1895

  • Concertina Band

    Ooo er that should be rattling some cages.

  • Charlie Craig

  • Navel Cadets with thier Pa 1960's

    Not terriable twins.

  • Boys Brigade cigcard.

    There's something not quite right with arming young lads to the teeth.

  • Boys' Brigade

  • Boys Brigade

  • Another young fellow out to kill.

  • Wellesley Steet Normal School Auckland 1900

    Normal ?

  • Scout Circa1920

    How very smartly turned out.

  • 1960's Boys Brigade Gymnastics

  • Schoolboy Band

    And not an accordian in sight.

  • Public Schoolboys training for war

  • Public Schoolboys

    The yobs.

  • Another Schoolboy Band

    Guess what,not only no accordians but also no bagpipes.

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