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Showgirls,Flappers, Hulas and Floozies

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  • The icon for a new album - "Showgirls, Flappers, Hulas and Floozies"

  • Folies-Bergere

    ca. 1929, Paris, France --- The Dodge Sisters, Beth and Betty, wearing sparkling showgirl outfits with bra tops, short shorts, and flowing feathers, and sitting on platforms in the Folies-Bergere. --- Image by © Condé Nast Archive/CORBIS

  • Showgirl

  • Showgirls

  • Chorus girls

  • After Dark

  • Club Alabam Show Girls 1945

  • 1930's Beach chorus line

  • Harlem 1936

    1936, Harlem, New York, New York, USA --- Five young women rehearse for the chorus line at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. --- Image by © Lucien Aigner/CORBIS

  • Burlesque dancer

  • Circus girls

  • Circus exotic dancer girl

  • The Prince and the Showgirl

    The more I look the less I'm convinced. (And I'm sure Larry Olivier would have had his doubts too)

  • 1926

    Just too, too divine to let pass.

  • Untitled play 1918

  • 23rd ?

    23 Oct 1935 --- It's hobgoblin time in Hollywood, when witches ride the night on broomsticks, black cats "hex" honest folk and boys and girls make fearsome jack-o'-lanterns from big pumpkins. All the younger film players have their parties and their fun,…

  • 1957

    Having led a quiet and secluded life I was amazed to learn that such an establisment really existed. Could that be Herr Ishyvoo there at the back ?

  • Wonderbar

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