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Photo by scratchy

Should I cry or laugh on this one? ;)
14 years ago.
scratchy club
I had to peel a throw away copy of this image off of my darkroom sink. So maybe I haven't printed since I made this series,... I notice this yesturday,... A leak in the roof with chinese water torture vibe permeates the darkroom. I wat using it to smoke, and write,... I quit smoking 13 days and 23 hours and fifty minutes ago. This morning I woke up from a dream where I rolled a big cigarette and felt guilty about smoking it before to weeks cold turkey stopping. The only reason I caN quit like this is because I told myself, as a non smoker, I will smoke occasionally, trouble is, I do not know when I will become non smoking,... Probably a trip to Europe would be the test! But as a non smoker. Just once and a while? in any case, Probably should cry,... I was smoking then, burning myself out like this bird who probably got hit by lightning on a powerline, and then torn to shreads by scavengers,... Today i took a pic of seagals from my car that will be better, They wer alive, Not ripped up like this bird,
14 years ago.
has replied to scratchy club
You'll become non smoker when feeling indifference about it. You'll not care any more and that will be job. You should go to trip. Of any kind, anywhere. Changing environment helps a lot. It's like changing life for a short. Hold on, it will pass. Body is not problem, anyone can handle pain, but mind. Wow man, 14 days, imagine one more day, than two, than 14 more. It'll be a month... Weee Time is ticking away.

P.S. I'm now where you was 16 days ago so who am I to tell you. Give me good example.
Oh ya, about pic. Death is not ugly, it's living that scares me ( that's why we want to quit addictions ).
14 years ago.

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