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scratchy club
norwo, no rwo nor wo no (orwo) tri-x, tommorrow, microphen arrives
it's usually best to wait until the developer sits for a while after mixing.
I could use d-76 but I'd be guessing at what dillution of developer and
water and how long to process the film. Normally I would develop film
immediately after exposures, almost as fast as digital and sometimes
a lot faster. Some film develops before I've even purchased it from B&H.
Mostly though, I have not run the film through a camera yet, I am quite
confused about this, could it be, that I put the film in the wrong camera?
A black bag would be nice to change film from camera to camera, This
may extend the process I initially intended to make, i.e. develop a test
roll to see where it was going and then pretend I can read your mind
while I jump back through the images in time and space to feal the
image latencey and it's relative irradiationary light explosions.
in the time It took to read this I might have exposed all
rolls of orwo and put them in a batch of stock d 76
so I'll stop here and try to imagine how the
exposed rolls in the tin foil were rated
as per asa and ISo etc.
14 years ago.
scratchy club
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Developer didn't arrive, maybe the people in the office weren't there when the delivery man made his rounds, it happens, funny..., I ordered developer a day before a subsequent order which arrived yesterday. Someone took a photo of mom and me when I was about to make an orwo exposure I fired back. Probably if enough exposure, it will be useless. There are ten exposures left on my test roll, so perhaps the laws of the universe are pointing toward the completion of a roll before the developer arrives. There are other pressing issues but I'll try to push them aside.
14 years ago.

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