Posted on 01/29/2008

Video filmed on the January 29, 2008

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365 minutes day 71

You said " it's really hard to be here ". Why? ( it's hard to be me now, what a heavy day, makes me wanna be depressed just don't know how to be depressed and dentist crushed my mouth, his hand is twice bigger )
Great guitar performance btw.
9 years ago.
scratchy has replied to Crazy_little_thing
"It's really hard to be here", at the moment of making a video tape, because I am transporting myself into the future. Video is a form of time travel. The "hard" part, is knowing what is important. What is a potentially successful video/film musical moment. The "time thought continuum" is a mystery. When the tape is running. There is no more what might be or what was, there is just then and no way to figure out how the "just then", is going to be interpreted and or how it will co-mingle with the cosmic now-ness of everyone and everything. Especially when the video is squeezed chopped flipped back and forth all over itself a temporary final cut.
The dentist crushed my wallet in the last couple of years. Replacing fillings. I wanted to visit Europe, but the cash flow went to the dentists big hands. I'm not depressed. My videos can elude to this, but this is unconscious. I may look/sound oppressed etc,... but it's just a struggle with Sound and Vision, and time. btw, I love that sniper view of yours at what seems like a castle wall in your pics.
9 years ago.
Crazy_little_thing has replied to scratchy
Of course it's hard, this whole game is hard that's why we choose to play it. " UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING ". I'm on one other photo site ( not Flickr, Flickr has become Sodomy and Gomorrah, unbelievable ) and every photo that is highly appreciated there has no meaning on ipernity and opposite. That's really interesting. It's like an opposite world. Literally. It is so very interesting watching that. Funny cosmic game.
Thanks for the shot comment, that's an entrance/exit of the Old Town, it leads straight to the Stradun, street that you've made comment a while ago.
9 years ago.
scratchy has replied to Crazy_little_thing
Strange that movie, "The unbearable lightness of being". It's a book too I suppose, well,... I got a copy of it on tape at the library and accidentally returned the box with one of my Fassbinder VHS tapes inside. It must be around here somewhere.
There's a few things left on my flickr. It's a strange place, It's good for research, plug in odd cameras. I'm messing around on facebook. It's funny that all the Stars of London punk circa 1976/7 are on there. Wouldn't it be cool to be their friends? What does it all mean?
I just want a video camera that doesn't drop frames all the time. I wonder why I do this at all? Most people probably do not have DSL and can't watch the videos anyway.
I like the ancient city feel of your neighborhood. I'd dig going to eastern Europe before they turn the whole place into a tourist center, or museum. Probably too late for that. It doesn't matter, I'll just stay pessimistic about travel and my lot in life, it's good for the creative side of things. Cheers.
9 years ago.