Posted on 01/26/2008

Video filmed on the January 26, 2008

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me driving. moving images environments. etc.
sisters of Sharon dreaming
Classical kvod Denver
Denver Philharmonic orchestra chamber concert rehearsal

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365 minutes day 68

Good. This one has my life atmosphere. Orchestra rehearsals ( not that I play in one but connected with all my life ), driving in car is the best " going out " with friends for me. Just talking and driving for hours, with music of course. I have learn lots of inner things like that.
10 years ago.
scratchy has replied to Crazy_little_thing
It is strange how some of the people more closely connected with classical music do not learn to play it, or if they learn, they do not perform. Instead they drift into rock music (because it's cool)in order to phase out the stigma of stuffiness associated with "high art".(The big secret is the best classical, punk etc,... music is performed by people with a musical/classical back ground, something I lack) One can blame society, culture, governments, education, themselves, or police speed traps for this ripping down of the culture. Other cultures make classical music more accessible to the young and do not beat talent out of children, this could be said of other epochs as well. New York, SanFransisco, Chicago, Europe are places where it is ok for classical to exist along side the popular tastes. Denver is unique in that people from the more culturally vibrant areas visit and live here off season. This tends to spice up what less observant visitors call a "country town".
10 years ago.