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It's kinda starting to come down on me a bit today. We got ready to leave at lunch and dad called mom over for a kiss and they smooched and he said to her "I love you so very much, sweetheart."

I damn near lost it right there. The will to see her and care for her is what drives him.

That's what is the hardest thing, seeing how much he adores her and knowing how much less he can now do to care for her as the fog of age slowly, but surely envelops her. I left the room and went down the hall and took this.

Dad is expected to be transferred to a rehab facility by tomorrow. The relatives here say it is top-notch, not a warehouse. Today, dad can walk maybe 60 feet and then turn around and is ready to rest for a bit. He can be up and talking for about 2 hours and starts to tire.

He has to be able to be up and moving for about 6 hours to make the flight home (trip to the airport, get on the flight, get off the plane, and the ride home).

It is gonna take a lot of patience. From all involved.