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crazy ted's after-scare bar

crazy ted's after-scare bar
Didn't know they had redneck bars in the walled enclaves of Florida's golf communities, but there was Crazy Ted's. Just the $3-beer tonic I needed after dad's transfer to a rehab facility and subsequent angina attack.

His nurse didn't respond when he hit his call button, so he called us. Twice. I took off there and got there in about 15 minutes and the nurse was just finishing up. He had gotten his nitro and was back to normal.

A brief discussion -- I was extremely nice and tactful -- alerted them to the fact that while they may have limited staff and many residents, this resident may not be able to make a 2nd call the next time, so they had best respond pronto.

I stayed there w/ him for a couple hours sleeping in a chair and left about 12:30.

Crazy Ted's seemed to literally beckon on the way home.