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#%$*! Amish

#%$*! Amish
Went to eat last night at Troyer's Dutch Heritage, Amish Home Cooking. There is a community of these fine folks in Sarasota and they have wonderful food there. Place is packed, but patrons move efficiently in and out.

When I went around front to go in w/ the relatives I saw a family of them waiting with the throngs on the porch of the place to be called for their table (it was a Friday night crowd, after all). I asked the father if I could photograph them and he muttered something in German and deferred to a guy next to him who politely informed me that the Amish don't generally like to have their pictures taken. I bowed and politely thanked them and walked on in.

Fracking Amish!

I had already shot this one, so I figured ignorance was OK once.