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40/365 This is one I missed posting to the group.

40/365 This is one I missed posting to the group.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a couple weeks old, so note the date. Dad's home and is doing well. This has diminished him a fair amount in the energy-level area, but he is just as determined as ever to regain as much of his old self as he can. ... carry on ....

Tough as all hell. My dad.

At 8 this morning the doctors were seeing some improvement, but still urged us to prepare for the worst.

George is 78, has had 3 heart attacks, about 1/3 of his heart is dead tissue, and his valve function -- were it in most of us -- would put us on the floor if not 6 feet under. He is not in good health. But don't get me wrong: the guy loves to work and is out on the jobsite nearly every day managing his small contracting business.

Simply, he lives to work. Apparently he thinks he has more work to do.

He had improved enough that the nurses were able to take him off his ventilator tonight, 24 hours after he had about 11 different medications and godknowswhat being fed to him thru tubes just to keep him alive. And when I left after 9 tonight, he was sitting up and whispering -- the tube wrecked his throat -- to us and had his sense of humor back, flirting w/ his nurse -- and his wife!

We will learn tomorrow (Thursday) much more about how much damage his heart has sustained and what his prognosis is. Still, he has once again defied the odds and is awake, alert and engaged when this morning things looked really, really bleak.

He is not out of the woods by a long shot: his heart may not be able to work hard enough to sustain him once he's off all the meds he's getting. Whether that can be managed outside of a medical facility, I don't know yet.

So we will see.

But I want to thank all of you who have peered in and commented, consoled, {{{{{{hugged}}}}}} -- esp. Amanda!! -- prayed and meditated for his good health. He's got some damned good people caring for him at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center and they deserve a ton of credit, but I will always believe that the kind thoughts of total strangers to him helped him and our family get this far.

I just ask you to keep it up a little longer. And if you haven't told your dad or mom or someone -- anyone -- you care about how you feel about them, don't wait.

Tell them today that you love them!

peace to you all