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I went out to take a brisk walk to try to get some fresh air, solitude and exercise while my mom put lotion on my dad's back to ease his itching -- the hospital's washing service uses something that leaves a residue on the sheets and has made dad break out. And the phone rang three times. I had to give updates to various friends and family. But it needed doing at some point.

The update is that he may be released Monday or Tuesday. Yeah, incredible.

But he is not going to be very mobile and will need at least a week of rehab to be able to make the flight back to Roanoke. Looks like I will be here most of the week, until we have arrangements made to get he and mom aboard a flight and safety equipment -- handrails in the tub and bathroom, etc. -- installed when he gets there.

Then I have to get them some care once home -- dad had done most of the work as mom has some memory loss issues. So meals, meds, transport and all that needs to be assigned. There will be family there to help with that and to help manage the RNs or whoever comes in for checkups and physical therapy.

So I might get back home by Valentine's Day ... wonder if my Valentine will remember me by then? ;) I kid.

Happy Super Sunday, folks and and HUGE thank you from me and my family to all of you!