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Thank you, I'm sorry

Thank you, I'm sorry
I first have to thank you all for viewing and laughing along with me on the pigtal pic yesterday. I'll try to get to all of you individually later. And I apologize to the Flickr community as a whole for permanently tarnishing the honor of making the front page of Explore. But you all did that to yourselves. ;)

If I had hair like I did about 12 years ago as you see here, it might not have had the same effect, eh?

Special thanks to those who never fail to inspire, amuse and encourage me in my photography, in particular, Kammie, Isa, Suvi, Amanda, Katrina, Kronos, Kristen, Tina, Adeline and Sarah.

I would also like to thank the QM girls for making this all possible, the Motion Picture Academy, the Hollywood Foreign Press and to the Pulitzer committe: you guys have my number, right?

Thanks to anyone I've left out and I promise this won't happen again. I return Flickr into the hands of its (sane) community.