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  • Outside the Hansa

    Two security guards from the Hansa mall joking with two fellers with a German Shepherd. APX 400, rodinal 1+100 [24°C, 22 min]. A wetting agent bath might had done some good, didn't have any yet at the time when I developed this.

  • Pteridophyta

    Fern "sapling" spotted on Ruissalo in the Turku archipelago. This is frame #38 of a 36-roll film so I got lucky, not the least that I passed by it when a ray of light fell on it.

  • Autobahn

    ...or autostrada. Call it what you will, the traffic of cross country skiers and snowshoe-sporting types is plainly visible in the "pot" between the two summits of the fell Kesänki near Äkäslompolo, Finland.

  • Frame 28 of the first roll...

    Frame no. 28 of the first self-processed roll showing a detail of the pedestrian street of Turku, blog entry [this doesn't look at all as good on my monitor at work as at home, might had needed some more contrast, still a quick peek into what became of…

  • Left behind...

    ...and no-one to play with. That's only during the weekends though, weekdays see the parking lot filling up. Shot through the bedroom window during an overcast evening. Full vertical crop of a 3:2 landscape frame, forgot mandatory sharpening. Seems th…

  • IR seascape as seen from Kuuva, Ruissalo

    Instead of going to a restaurant we celebrated our wedding anniversary by going camping to the island Ruissalo in the Turku archipelago. Kuuva is a pleasant place to be at when the sun is setting. An infrared filter is a fairly cheap way for letting on…

  • Matmâta

    Subterranean village in Tunisia. Cheap but not that good processing done in Hammamet, Tunisia. Fortunately the store owner ran out of developer after one roll, so I ended up with only one scratched roll. same thing in colour by Marilou, six years apar…

  • Blofeld's cat redux

    Those who know me from my flickr days might remember this persian cat spotted in Stockholm's old town. Now in black & white though and a different crop.

  • Slow food

    Salmon being smoked/roasted at the archipelago/fish market in Turku, Finland 18-20.4.2008. My first attempt at shooting colour negative with the FM2 (only three or four rolls of 120 film before two rolls of Centuria 200 (except some sporadic shots during…

  • Oh really?

    ...or so I can imagine her expression stands for. cropped to a square, channel mixer conversion to black and white set to mimic a green filter, local contrast enchancement then finally resized pending upload

  • Boy scouts, Girl guides and one policeman

    An unshaven policeman guiding traffic as traffic lights were temporarily shut down during the annual Boy scout & Girl guide parade in Turku, Finland. When the parade was over, four-five policemen gathered at a kiosk for a much needed icecream (something…

  • Merry band of adventurers

    Five ardent snow-shoe sporting types (plus two out of frame that were lagging behind) on their way to the south-western summit of the fell Kesänki near Äkäslompolo, Finland.

  • Red shoes

    You might want to view the large version, should the title not be obvious at a glance. The utility/sanitation vehicle has been featured before from a different angle. This is the entire overexposed frame (most of it rescued in postprocessing, did however…

  • Pan flute player

    Turku, Finland. Another benefit of the homemade tilt shift lens is that sometimes focus can be difficult to place where one wants it, resulting in obscure faces and human figures, which may even be beneficial for 'street-esque/street photography'.

  • Love is in the air

    The main street in my hometown of Jakobstad/Pietarsaari, Finland on 25.12.2006. Fortunately a thin coating of snow fell on the ground the same evening which made it a lot more appealing. The heart is part of the christmas symbols of my hometown, consisti…

  • Utility vehicle

    A utility/sanitation truck washing the market square in Turku (the other part of the two-man team drives a truck with brushes and some form of vacuum cleaner equipment), the smell of fish was strong ;) Cropped a bit, aperture somewhere between 11 and 22…

  • 16A versus 16B

    Läntinen Pitkäkatu 16, stairwell A to the left, stairwell B to the right (the façade is not fully symmetrical). Taken specifically for my ipernity audience during a stroll yesterday evening :) Saturation bumped up a little and a very mild local contras…

  • Pashmina

    Taken on the same evening as the previous one. had I shot this in RAW I could probably have rescued the blown highlights that had to go in order to make this image remotely interesting

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