Posted on 10/02/2009

Photo taken on October  2, 2009

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Tamron 90mm f/2.8
Nikon D700
Mauno Koivisto
Tellervo Koivisto

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On the steps of the cathedral

On the steps of the cathedral
Today several Finnish institutions celebrated their bicentellial existence. On 5th of October 1809 the then Finnish government (of the Russian Grand Duchy of Finland) convened for the first time. The Finnish judicial system also counts this as its starting date (of course the geographical entity Finland had a governing body and had a judicial system before this, but now Finland constituted a political entity of its own too).

At noon I got some shots of our controversial PM Matti Vanhanen as he led a delegation to uncover a plaque commemorating the site of the building where the first meeting was held in 1809. I used my Zorki-1 so I wasn't that quick but got some shots after beeing shooed further away by his security detail. Would have gotten better shots from the other side of the river but I didn't have a telephoto with me (nor own one in m39 mount). And of course I ran out of film while still having plenty of interesting subjects.

Here's former Finnish president (1982-94) Mauno Koivisto (born 1923) seen exiting the Cathedral of Turku after a jubilée mass. He was the first president to finally replace Urho Kekkonen as president (Kekkonen acted as president between 1956 and 1982...).

I got a better shot of Koivisto on Kodachrome though, had a 135mm mounted on my FE.