Posted on 08/06/2007

Photo taken on August  4, 2007


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Tilt-shift-Gruppe Tilt-shift-Gruppe

Tilt & Shift Tilt & Shift


home made lens
nikon d50
tilt shift
real tilt shift
homemade lens
Yashinon 80mm f/3.5

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Little Turku

Little Turku
My first upload at ipernity :)

So, a fresh start. I've been so-so active for some time at flickr and upon soon reaching the limit of 200 visible free photos I'm not at all certain I'll pay for their services. The thing that annoys me is their censorship blunder (while it does not immidiately apply to me as I do not material that anyone could perceive as offensive [or so I think] I don't like the implications of it).

On the plus side I can get a blog of my own here and upload video clips. I do hope however that ipernity will reform their tag/keyword system, I don't fancy not having access to majuscles nor to have my keywords shuffled about on reloading the image page.

Otherwise happy, yet confused and a bit lost here at the moment :)

Hizir, Berny have particularly liked this photo

The same with me. 199 photos at F*r, not directly affected by the censorship problem and transferring myself to Ipernity.

Have a good time at Ipernity if you really intend to stay.
11 years ago.
Thanks folks! Hadn't noticed there were any comments. Hope that ipernity will endure and develop, as soon as some features I'm definately shifting over.
11 years ago.