Posted on 03/17/2009

Photo taken on March 17, 2009

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Soon it'll be that time of year again

Soon it'll be that time of year again
The art installation in front of the cathedral, photographed last summer (2008).

One of the two rolls of Kodachrome 64 I wanted to try out (I'm waiting to get one returned that I shot during the winter). Haven't had the time to scan all frames yet, but it feels nice to have used it while one can get it processed (fortunate that Kodak still maintain the forwarding service in Lausanne).

More from the "sea of flowers": 1, 2, 3.

sommerpfuetze, Duncan have particularly liked this photo

I'm also scanning my slides (its a life time job) just for interest: what scanner and scan software do you use?
9 years ago.
Scoo has replied to Berny
I can imagine that (life time job as you say), I'm almost done with my paternal grandfather's negatives from the 1930s-1950s (50+ sheets of pergamyn containing each between 12 and 16 negatives or more).

I'm very happy with an Epson V500 flatbed, they seem to sell for about 250€ upwards. Good features include LED-based illumination (no need to wait for it to warm up) and a small size (I think Canon's Canoscan 8000-something is about the same size, though it's a bit cheaper). The film holders are in my opinion quite nice, especially the medium format holder (the 135-strip holder comes apart into two pieces whereas the medium format holder is hinged).

I use the default scan software provided by Epson (haven't tried vuescan or silverfast), my only gripe is that some settings reset when one does a preview scan (main irritating point for me is that it by default outputs narrower than it could). I've primarily scanned B&W, some positive film and a little colour negatives (I dislike having to juggle colour channels in order to fine-tune colours, though it usually produce OK colours when using auto-mode, especially for positive film). As the largest format I've shot and probably ever will shoot is 6x9 medium format, the largest size it support at 6x12 is enough (and medium format capable dedicated film scanners are horrendously expensive). The scanner has an USB 2.0 connection, I find it's OK (firewire would presumably be quicker).

I don't bother anymore with scan sizer larger than 2400/3200 PPI, I don't see much improvement when doing larger scans than that (software interpolation is just about as good).

This scan in question followed my standard routine of trying to maximize the available data, afterwards I boosted contrast a little and cloned out some specks of dust (the V500 has ICE and infrared dust detectors and whatnot, I haven't tried them as I understand scan times are lengthened a lot when using them and dust isn't a major concern of mine).
9 years ago.
You sure captured the warmth!
9 years ago.