Posted on 11/04/2008

Photo taken on November  4, 2008

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Russian rangefinder
Soviet rangefinder
35mm f/2.8
Zorki 4
3,5 cm f/2.8
Epson V500
Fomapan 200
ISO 200

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Not for the living...

Not for the living...
A canister of (presumably) ethylene glycol (used as an engine coolant, aircraft de-icer etc.) next to a renovating/building site. For some reason plenty of dust etc. has settled on the negative, didn't clone out all of them.

The text in Finnish and Swedish is somewhat gibberish though, the correct readout would be:

"Ilmaistuote! [Finnish]

Glykol kanister.
Ta inte om du vill leva. [Swedish]"

Translated it would be:

"Free product!

Glycol canister. Don't take (as in don't drink) if you want to live."

Shot during a test of the newly acquired Jupiter-12 (35mm f/2.8), this is shot wide open and due to the guesstimate exposure and focus (zone focused due to an untrustworthy rangefinder) a bit so-so. The darkish part to the left is due to vignetting and probably a quirky shutter.

At the same time this is a first test of Fomapan 200 (Creative), a mixed traditional and t-grain emulsion made by Foma (quite affordable at ~25€ per bulk roll of 30,5m film).

Rodinal 1+25 at 20° for 5 mins (EI 200).

Siegfried Vogel
Siegfried Vogel
Is it out of focus or is it art, Scoo? :)
10 years ago.
Scoo has replied to Siegfried Vogel
It was zone focused, so I assume I was off by a small margin (a wide open lens may contribute a little bit, in this case I put it down to my guesswork at measuring the distance).

In other words art but don't tell anyone ;)
10 years ago.
Siegfried Vogel has replied to Scoo
No, I won't! :)
10 years ago.