Posted on 09/19/2008

Photo taken on May 25, 2008

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Nikon D50
Baltic Sea
35mm f/2D
Gulf of Bothnia

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Phocidae mors

Phocidae mors
The carcass of an earless/true seal pup (I'm guessing it's a Phoca vitulina, Common seal a.k.a. Harbour seal). My apologies if anyone is startled.

Siegfried Vogel
Siegfried Vogel
Not a beautiful sight. What made you photograph and showing it to us, Scoo?
10 years ago.
Scoo has replied to Siegfried Vogel
A very good and pertinent question. Judging from your comment I can't tell exactly whether or not you disapprove of it, I'm leaning towards that you perceive it as negative though.

A dead seal pup (or any animal for that matter) could perhaps be compared to a dirty bathtub. Let's say one encounter a very dirty bathtub in an art museum. On one hand one could argue that that is not art but rather a dirty bathtub, on the other hand the artist may have won prizes for his/her work of art. The scenario I hope for though is that when one has stood in front of the bathtub and pondered for a while some workmen would show up and remove it as it had been left lying about during ongoing renovations at the art museum.

Moving back to the carcass I'd say that a fresh, possibly bloodied carcass isn't really something anyone should publish (such as roadkills that I've seen a bit of back at flickr etc.) images of. In this seal carcass I however see a certain (morbid as it may be) artistic value. The carcass has been exposed to the weather and sun for at least a while, it has dried up a bit, the fur is flaking. As such I see it as not only a carcass but also as a illustration on the fragility of life and the finite lifespan we mammals have. The song We'll meet again was meant as an attempt at an ironic commentaire on the image and one of the possible symbols one may read into it. As I've never seen a seal in the wild before the shot was mostly done for documentary purposes, back home I then chose to mould it to evoke certain feelings (the cool and desaturated colours etc.) and make a gritty image.

I do recognize that some may think this is nothing but a dirty bathtub that ought to be removed from their sight.
10 years ago.
Siegfried Vogel has replied to Scoo
Thank you for that lengthy answer, Scoo. Well appreciated! And it will provide all visitors some guidance as to how to recept the picture.
No, Scoo, I did not perceive it as negative. I really just wondered what made you show it to us. You know, dead seal pups are a symbol for brutality of manhood against nature, but this baby was'nt robbed of its fur, so it's got to be something different.
A work of art? Well, that, as always, lies in the eyes of the beholder! :-)
10 years ago.
Scoo has replied to Siegfried Vogel
Danke :)
10 years ago.