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  • Petromaxes and complementary maple leaves

    Got yesterday my shipment of two ex-Bundeswehr Petromax (& Geniol to the right) pressure lamps (that come in great storage cases where the lamps are suspended between springs, protecting the glass and the mantle which is fragile when burnt). These provide…

  • Cognac digestif

    Hello again folks, has been a while since I was active here... Here's something from the archives,shot during a wedding last summer. While a bit snobbish perhaps, I think that tulip shaped cognac glasses do work better than these traditional shaped ones…

  • Faith, Hope, Love

    The traditional christmas symbols of my home town seen from the other (and "proper") end, Faith, Hope and Love. The heart is dimmer because it fell down a year ago, now it's fitted with LEDs. Difficult to capture due to all the traffic in the evening, he…

  • Last moonlight of 2009

    Back from my winter holidays. Brought a large amount of photographic gear and used only a minuscule bit of it, had time to produce only but a few images. At any rate this is one of them. Taken on the frozen lake Kianta near Suomussalmi in mid north-easte…

  • Mean foggy streets

    A pipe had burst beneath the street and warm water was being diverted/pumped onto the street, at 7°C in the air it turned into steam quickly, making a nice photo opportunity.

  • Fleeting time

    This was taken not even a month ago. Now it's all gone, winter looming over the horizon.

  • Some solace atleast

    Was going to be ambitious today and do a depth-of-field "panorama". That failed miserably however. Too much wind I suppose, too many non-static objects. Here's some solace, a couple of "normal" shots (if you can call a wide angle shot at its closest pos…

  • A study of pink II

    For those who think I upload nothing but roses in my stream, no worries, they won't last (must get a couple of frozen ones shot in the morning).

  • Cathedral colour separation test

    A test shot taken today using two green and blue filters in an attempt at getting stronger filtration (placebo for me at the scanner maybe...). A bit too red, but still something. f/2.8 and one second exposure.

  • Matti Vanhanen

    Not that awe inspiring shot I think, I'm not used to having to use two windows (one for the rangefinder, one for framing). The follow-up was crap, wasn't quick enough. Zorki-1E with Industar-61LD (55mm f/2.8), should have removed the yellow filter for t…

  • On the steps of the cathedral

    Today several Finnish institutions celebrated their bicentellial existence. On 5th of October 1809 the then Finnish government (of the Russian Grand Duchy of Finland) convened for the first time. The Finnish judicial system also counts this as its startin…

  • A study of pink amidst green and blue

    Shot at waist level (as TLR's are in a way supposed to be used) or a little lower than that. The Kodak E200 slide film I used expired in 2007 so I got it for 2€ a roll. As it has been refrigerated I don't complain at all (in fact, I'm happy I got several…

  • Tall Ships Race in Turku 2009

    Ran out of film as things got interesting (this is the second last image on the roll). Didn't have time to visit the event really (and we didn't fancy bringing the baby to the crowd). 5:2 crop of the middle of the frame.

  • Softness is a feeling

    Taken at the rosary at Åbo Academy University in Turku, Finland.

  • Bench by a 70-year old

    A bench near the Cathedral. Shot with a pre-war Welta Weltix (see one being used for money laundering [grossly overpriced] here), 35mm folding camera equipped with an uncoated 5cm f/2.9 triplet (this one is unfortunately fungi-infested, adding to loss of…

  • Heather

    Maybe the lab dropped the film canister before processing it so that the world that I captured on film got tilted a bit ;) If only colour negative films weren't so bloody difficult to scan...

  • Golden minutes

    Ostrobothnia, Finland. I know, sunsets are something of a cliché, still fond of this shot as it doesn't usually get any better than this in my stream :) Taken with a mid 1950s vintage folding camera using Fujifilm's Velvia 50. Amazingly the shutter spe…

  • Gulf of Bothnia seascape

    Camera balanced on rocks. Vignetting added for the mood :)

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