Seb Przd

Seb Przd

Posted on 06/28/2007

Photo taken on June 28, 2007


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An Exercise in Very Large Panoramas [240 mega pixels]

An Exercise in Very Large Panoramas [240 mega pixels]
(cut the blah blah: view the high resolution image viewed through the Google Maps interface, or with the Flash based Zoomify image. Leave a comment below to say which one you prefer.)

This image is my first test on very large panoramas. This is a 45 images panorama shot with a Nodal Ninja 3, a Nikon D200 and a 50mm f/1.8 lens (three rows -15/0/+15° of 15 images each, every 12°-thanks for the extra detent plates in the Nodal Ninja 3. If I shoot with a longer lens I will probably need something else to measure the angles).

Autopano-sift was used to creat the control points, hugin optimized and stitched, enblend blended (2h20 minutes for this last step, I did not measure the previous two ones).

The original panorama is 27,794x8,525 (close to 240 million pixels). I still have to improve my workflow. I thought that ImageMagick would be the most efficient way, but downscaling the image to a width of 10,000 pixels took 1h10 minutes. Gimp was able to open the image without problems, even though the response times could be a bit long sometimes (I have 2GB of RAM).

You might say, what do I care? Flickr only allows images below 10MB and even those it cannot show them correctly (the black image phenomenon). Well, my second idea was to use the Google Maps interface, much like the guys in Xrez, spurred by this image of Carcassone. After much struggling with the cutting of the tiles, I managed to cut a 20000x6134 version of my panorama with the Google Maps Image Cutter from the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, which you can see here (I still have to figure out how not to wrap around the horizontal axis). This high-res panorama uses over 21,000 tiles, and it took several hours to upload to FTP. I need to increase my swap space to be able to cut a higher image, and I will update it).

And by the way, here is the image as stored on flickr: 9746x2986 pixels.