Santanu Karar's photos

  • Broaden sands

    The widen beach areas at Mandarmani

  • Fishing boat

    The black fishing sea-queen was in parking near somewhere.

  • Openness

    The first thing that strike us on Mandarmani beach is, its' openness. It was vast, calm and open sea. Weather was good, and clean skies. Sometime its best not to get into a crowd.

  • Resort Ganapati Palace

    This one is the first resort at Mandarmani hotel/resort belt (at least at the time of our visit), its very well maintained, consists of hotel rooms and cottages for more cozy staying, swimming pool, private beach etc. We took a cottage upper floor, and it…

  • Rear side opening to the sea

    Resort's rear side opens to the beach - it also has a pathway to the sea, an on-going construction by the resort itself.

  • Horizon in shades

  • Lost

    Where our imagination and calmness traps into an unknown timescape..

  • Sea, she and a boat

  • (local) Engine car

    Its a 3 wheel local vehicle, mainly used for transporting goods, and locale; also uses for local touring. Its horse power comes by a generator engine attached with the vehicle, that way its called engine car.

  • Afternoon on beach

  • Unresting waves

  • Riding on an engine car

  • Sunlight of the ending day

  • Sunlight of the ending day 2

  • Sunlight of the ending day 3

  • Last traces of the setting sun

  • A broken moon

  • Before the dark came down

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