Panorama of Reykjavík from Laugarnes

Ísland 2009

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  • Panorama of Reykjavík from Laugarnes

  • Monument for the Icelandic Horse

    At one of the main bus stations stands this monument to the Icelandic horse. It clearly depicts its history as a working horse. In the 19th century it was exported to England for the use in coal mines, so the Industrial Revolution might not have happened…

  • Danish Building

    Until around 1900 Danish tradesman had a monopoly on foreign trade and became very rich. So all the really nice and old houses aren't Icelandic, but Danish.

  • Perlan

    The Pearl is the hot water reservoire of Reykjavik. The water is retrieved directly from hot spings and delivered without modification to the customers. It smells a bit sulfuric, but it's wonderful to wash with. If you need drinking water, you have to hea…

  • Hverangerði

    On my way to the Walk on the Ice Side i crossed the border between America and Europe on land for the first time. It was somewhere near this place. The Eldhestar farm and hotel is just south of this town. My later riding tour was booked with them.

  • River

  • Vestmannayær at the Horizon

  • River Delta

    At the horizon you can see the top of Vestmannayaer Island.

  • Approaching Sólheimajökull

    The glaciers are so big in Iceland, that the parts have their own name. Sólheimajökull is part of Mýrdalsjökull.

  • Retreating Sólheimajökull

    At the spot I was standing here, the end of the glacier was in 2007. It's nearly 400m to the ice now.

  • Mountain Guide

  • Black Ice

  • On Top of Sólheimajökull

  • Walking on the Ice

    Fixing the crampoon back to the boots.

  • At the Abyss

  • Valley of Ice

  • Ice Climbing

    An other group preparing to climb an ice wall.

  • Glacier Hole

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