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  • Pharmacie

    Ancienne pharmacie de la chartreuse de Valdemossa (Mallorca) avec des pots à pharmacie des 17e et 18e siècles


  • la merveille de mon bassin

    Le premier Nénuphar sur mon bassin pour cette année. Heureuse de vous en faire profiter.

  • Passu. North Pakistan

    On the Karakoram Highway, on the Roof of the World. The most remote and most spectacularly sited cricket field in the world!

  • Passu. North Pakistan

    On the Karakoram Highway. Ismaili Muslim family

  • Gulmit. Far North Pakistan

    Gulmit village, Hunza River,and the Passu Cathedral pinnacles.

  • so proud of it's beauty!

  • Le Défi...

    ... à la Voile d'Or..

  • Nettes rousses

    La famille se ballade au fil de l'eau...

  • Buzzzzzzzzzzz

    By Eefje

  • Keeping an eye...

    Drottningholm Palace/theater Stockholm/Sweden

  • Happy couple!;)


  • I want to live close to you - Photography Exhibition by Jacob Fellander

    Fotografiska, Stockholm/Sweden.... Starting out from Stockholm, Jacob Felländer has conducted a photographic experiment. Over twelve days, he visited in turn New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bombay, Dubai and Paris with the intent of capturing the worl…

  • My Daughter

    She's a soft cool rain on a hot summer’s day. She makes me laugh with the funny things she has to say. She's the beat of my heart, and the air that I breathe. She's the sun and the wind, and autumn’s golden leaves. She's the pride that I feel when I kno…

  • Composición (41)

    "Retrato de Joella" A sculpture-painting by Salvador Dalí at Modern Art Museum Reina Sofia (Madrid) ,

  • Großzügig gebaut!

    Und fast menschenleer! only on black
    By A. R.

  • Night Trip ...

    Une tite créa au passage, Allez... Hop!!!

  • Garden of Paradise ...

    Une autre, allez... http://www.wix.com/hanquierdominique/dh- photographies#!portfolio/vstc1=upside-do wn

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