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  • Wood carving still life

  • My carving teacher

    He's holding a gift I gave him for Christmas. It's a painting on a feather of him carving. It was done my by mother.

  • Started carving

    A long ways to go. This type of carving will quickly make you ambidextrous or want to be. The grain runs horizontally, so when you are going clockwise and counterclockwise you need to be going in opposite directions. And there is the troublesome spot…

  • Glued down to carve

    Glue newspaper on to a board and then glue the the carving to the news paper. This is done to facilitate clamping the work down to be carved and to support the carving itself so it does not break while carving. After it's finished a putty knife can…

  • Cut out

    Not bad for my first one and with a jig saw at that. This is Bass wood and soft and easy to break. I did break off the flower on the bottom right, but a little glue and I'm back in business.

  • Early Start

    After the drawing is done, holes are drilled to allow access to the scroll saw or jig saw.

  • Country School

  • My first carving. or Why I haven't been around much.

    I haven't been shooting much or on this site too often this year and this is largely why. I'm learning to carve wood. My goal is to be able to do decorative wood carving as you see in historic buildings, churches, and so on. It's mostly done, a little cl…

  • Country School

  • Sentries standing guard

  • Night Storage

    Corn is stored in this farmers private bins until such time as he's ready to sell.

  • Night Harvest

    A farmer takes advantage of warm dry weather to harvest the corn with his combine.

  • Country Church

  • Autumn in Black and White

  • Springfield Town Hall

    Cottonwood County, Minnesota

  • Pretty Bird

    From the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Going for a swim

    From the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • On the back roads

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