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Posted on 03/11/2014

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Color list: What would you like to see?

Color list: What would you like to see?
If you didn't know, I've been working on a sheet that lists ALL known
Lego colors, matching the official Lego name to BL, Peeron, and other names where

No single color list is complete; even BrickLink's color catalog only recognizes
around half of all colors (understandably, mind you!). Many color names (including
some of TLG's) are really umbrella terms for multiple distinct colors, even
discounting quality/material variations. It can be very confusing for anyone!

I hope this list will help collectors know what's out there, but more importantly
aid newcomers in learning about colors. Far too often I see a Medium Blue piece
listed as Light Blue, for example -- which can be a headache for their buyers

The list is very close to the point where I feel comfortable releasing
it, but in the meantime: What would you like to see in my color list?
What can I add to make it the most useful and intuitive for you?

Thanks :)
Ryan H.