Richard Turenne's photos

  • Whatsit

    Things found in farm yards... Minolta Dynax 7, FP4 film 

  • The Nesbitt House

    Bronica ETRSi, expired Portra 160 film, developed with Digibase C41, negative scanned with DSLR

  • Entanglements

  • Old Grain Elevator

    Looks like they built it with popsicle sticks. Rumors are this is possibly the oldest building of its kind in Canada.

  • Campbell's

    You can always tell the size of a town by how much the streets need to be mowed. : ) Fuji GS645S, 60mm Fujinon lens with yellow filter, Kodak TMax 400 film developed in HRX 1+20 for 12 minutes.

  • The Collector

    Abbie comes along with us on our back road travels in our quest for photo ops. She occupies herself collecting ticks, burrs and thistles. : )

  • Seven Sisters

  • Water World

    A little Spring flooding but nothing unusual so far. Fuji GS645, Fujinon 60mm lens, yellow filter, Neopan Acros 100 film developed in HC-110 1:63 for 9 minutes.

  • Fall Colors

  • That time of year....

    The geese are on the move. Olympus XZ-1

  • Tag Team

    This location is actually inside Winnipeg city limits. I chose to post one without buildings in the background.

  • Door number one

  • Serenity

    A foggy Autumn morning at Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg, MB Canada

  • Assiniboine Forest

    Found this on one of the small side trails in the forest while cycling around today. Hand held multi-shot panorama with Olympus XZ-1.

  • Prairie Sunset