Rude Boy

Rude Boy

Posted on 12/21/2010

Photo taken on December 21, 2010


Rude Boy

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Photographs of when we were children

Chritsmas Works Party 1970

Chritsmas Works Party 1970 

Well its that time of year again and I feel I should dig into my archive and post a classic Xmas vintage shot.

This is the archetypal kids party at a long defunct engineering firm called Goodwin & Barsby Ltd, situated in Leicester City U.K. circa1970-’71 not absolutely sure, but its the classic wide shot of all the little darlings, after we had our Xmas tea!

I am in my best outfit complete with elastic tie!
Holy shit!
Hover over it and you will find the Rude little boy!
(But not, as the case was, I was brought up very strict and was politeness itself)

The girl stood to my far left with hair over her right eye, is as far as I can remember, the daughter of my Dad’s work mate, and her surname was Hodgson.

Its amusing to look at some of the so called “kids” in the fact some of them look really ancient, the style and era made some 14 year olds look in the 40’s!!

I recall the smell of the hall, and the food, the jelly and Ice cream, and even the orange fizzy ‘pop’

A time like we wont ever see again, no i-pods here, no mobiles, not even a disco, just piped musak, as far as I recall, playing xmas tunes.
The paper hats were bigger and better quality, and the crackers were a lot louder and I even remember the flash and warmth of the “bang” when you pulled them, they would be classed as an offensive weapon nowadays!

Ahhh simple but happy times indeed!

Seasons greetings to all!

Rosa Maria Riquelme, horilyc, Elvert Barnes have particularly liked this photo

Elvert Barnes
Elvert Barnes
great photo and love the writing as well.

I particularly can appreciate and relate to your references of the smell .
7 years ago.
Rude Boy has replied to Elvert Barnes
Many thanks, seems as I get older the more I remember certain periods.
I have always been "into" my atmospheric odours(if you get my drift) and
my girlfriend calls me "The Bloodhound" Ha ha.
7 years ago.
Rosa Maria Riquelme
Rosa Maria Riquelme
je,je, ;-))
7 years ago.
Rude Boy has replied to Rosa Maria Riquelme
7 years ago.