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  • just here and now...

    My art at Imagekind My art at redbubble Little snails invading my photostream

  • A breath of spring

  • Morning delight

  • Winterlights

    It snowed again today. The combination of snow and sun give an incredible winterlight. Jill's and Paul's new group "desaturated square" inspired me to use this flypaper texture. flypapertextures.blogspot.com/

  • The heralds of spring

  • Morningbliss II

  • Dressed in a gown of light

    ... the special bokeh magic of the Canon 50mmf/1.4 lens My art at Imagekind My art at redbubble

  • The awakening I

    On my morning walk this morning. It was a wonderful atmosphere I got lost in time and space... and lost my mobile phone...

  • The awakening II

    The other side... looking back.

  • Companions

  • Thoughtfulness

    Have a wonderful and blessed week! Here is where I found the texture: JoesSistah

  • A world of magic

    A candidate for textures - the background is not as thrilling. I will try to capture them from nother angle today (it's difficult though... they grow on a low wall with a boring wall behind).

  • Fragile beauty

  • Into the light

  • Eyekissing light

  • Moonrise

  • The beauty of the common

  • Illustrating life

    Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced; even a proverb is no proverb to you till your life has illustrated it* Khalil Gibran

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