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  • Apple Campus Windows Exterior

    Screengrab from this video.

  • Dalian booklet - Preface

    Preface Jinzhou New District is home to a cluster of pearls: the romantic Jinshitan, the fashionable camp, the lofty Dahei Mountain. the thousand-year-old Jinzhou city... If you come here, you will be enchanted by her glamour, considering its being endow…

  • Dalian booklet - large cherry festival

  • Dalian booklet - hot springs

    Golden Pebble Tang Dynasty International Hot Spring Resort-one thousand year dream back to Tang Dynasty, oriental culture health spring. "In early spring, princess Yang baths in the huaqing pool' which warmed and smoothed the creamy-tinted crystal of her…

  • Dalian booklet - front cover

  • Recycle The Fruitcake - SFGMC (2430)

  • SFGMC - Recycle The Fruitcake (2427)

  • Moffett Field (2424)

  • North of Black Lava Butte (2420)

  • Yucca Valley Xmas Eve 2015 (2415)

  • The Edge Of The Mojave Desert (2418)

  • Granite Construction Solar Field (2394)

  • Extreme Southwest Desert Hot Springs (2397)

  • Desert Hot Springs (2400)

  • CPE Sentinel Power Plant (2403)

  • Desert Hot Springs Xmas Eve 2015 (2405)

  • Desert Hot Springs Xmas Eve 2015 (2409)

  • Desert Hot Springs Xmas Eve 2015 (stitch)

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