Roger Dodger's photos

  • Fly hanging by a thread

    Fly hanging by a thread of Spider silk

  • Scuba divers outside the harbour breakwater

    Diving activity outside of Brixham harbour breakwater.

  • Harbour breakwater Brixham Marina

    Brixham marina inside the harbour breakwater

  • A bird on the beach

    A bird on the beach, one of many scavenging Carrion Crow keeping watch on the beach.

  • Carrion Crow ever hopeful

    A scavenging Carrion Crow keeping watch on the parked cars, ever hopeful of a morsel or two.

  • Rain drops and reflections a window on a wet night

    Looking out through rain drops and reflections, a window on a wet night

  • View over Paignton in Devon

    Stopped on the way down a steep hill on the way back from Torquay for this Panoramic view over Paignton

  • Panoramic view of Brixham Harbour

    Panoramic view of Brixham harbour from the breakwater

  • Panoramic view to Paignton Pier

    Panorama over Paignton beach, the pier and promenade

  • Panoramic view to Torquay

    Panoramic view to Torquay from the beach at Paignton

  • Night time panoramic view of Brixham across to Paignton

    Night time panorama over Torbay from Brixham to Paignton

  • Woodland taking over the fence and a post HFF

    Timber boundary fencing buried in the woods - HFF to all

  • Indomitable at Singapore

    Aircraft Carrier Indomitable at Singapore - February 1946 Scanned print.

  • Beer bottle labels, from 1950s

    Beer bottle labels, from 1950s Navy mess fare, a photograph album page

  • Nature takes offensive action - HFF

    Nature takes over with a tree holding up a fence - so HFF to one and all, have a great weekend!

  • Footbridge fence

    Fencing off the River Blackwater from the footbridge in B&W

  • George Elliot Reliance Works Farnham

    The site of the Elliot Reliance Works with a Plaque to record the build of John Henry Knight's car, one of Britain's earliest petrol engined vehicles built by George Parfitt 1895. John Henry Knight (1847-1914), was a wealthy engineer, landowner and invent…

  • Museum of Farnham the front elevation

    Museum of Farnham the front elevation on the main road of West Street. A museum dedicated to the history of the local area in an elegant Grade I listed Georgian townhouse which still retains many original features, including a beautiful walled garden

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