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  • Mating snails, Hermanus cliff path

    I should have posted this one week ago for St Valentine's Day!

  • Hungarian guardsmen

  • Seaside supper

    Boukari, Corfu, Greece

  • Beautiful France...

    Bon dimanche ! Best on full screen

  • Church of St Jean, Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, France

    The reliquary in the underground church. Cliquez sur le lien pour plus d'informations the_d%27Aubeterre-sur-Dronne

  • Sea barrier, Saint-Martin-de-Ré, Île de Ré France

    More of a fortification than a fence, but HFF anyway!

  • When you remove a wall from your house...

    Outdoor life in comfort

  • Rainbow spindrift

    Hermanus, South Africa. Full screen is best

  • Caught!

    Best on full screen!

  • Sailing behind the surf

    Have a wonderful weekend, ipernauts! Hermanus. South Africa

  • Cape cormorants (and one White-Breasted cormorant)

    PHALACROCORAX CAPENSIS (and PHALACROCORAX LUCIDUS) facing the foam. Hermanus, South Africa. Press Z for full screen.

  • Beach sunset, Nahoon

    Nahoon, East London, South Africa

  • Art Deco B&B room, East London, South Africa

    Harewood Lodge, East London

  • What colour are its dreams?

    Port Alfred, South Africa

  • Ready to strike

    Grey Heron ARDEA CINEREA, Hermanus, South Africa

  • Soft evening tones across the South Atlantic

    Hermanus, South Africa

  • "What's up?"

    Sophie looking up from her digging.

  • Grey Heron and Black-winged Stilt, Klein River lagoon


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