rod bally's photos

  • Even night-owls enjoy the sun

    Spotted Eagle Owl BUBO AFRICANUS at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town

  • Sentinels: sunbathing penguins

    African penguins SPHENISCUS DEMERSUS at Boulders Beach, Cape Town

  • The southern end of Africa

    Cape Point with Cape Hangklip beyond. Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point, lies beyond.

  • Cliff-top view from Cape Point, near Cape Town

    Press Z to make out the bird soaring above the swash

  • The start of a new day

    Rondebosch Common, Table Mountain and Devil's Peak, Cape Town

  • Misty morning in Cape Town

    On the Rondebosch Common

  • Cape Town dawn

    Rondebosch Common, with the Red Cross Children's Hospital. Try the Z!

  • What's my time?

    Rondebosch Common Parkrun, Cape Town

  • Speckled Mousebird in lucky bean tree

    COLIUS STRIATUS, East London, South Africa

  • A pair of Laughing Doves

    STREPTOPELIA SENEGALENSIS, East London, South Africa

  • Dark-capped Bulbul, East London, South Africa


  • Black-collared Barbet in coral tree

    LYBIUS TORQUATUS, East London, South Africa

  • Black-headed Oriole

    ORIOLUS LARVATUS, East London, South Africa

  • "What are YOU looking at?"

    Monk parakeet, colonial nest in palm tree, Colonia del Sacramento

  • Sleepy street scene, Colonia de Sacramento. Press Z ento

  • Street scene, Colonia de Sacramento ento

  • Colonia de Sacramento wall

    Best on Black so please press Z

  • Sightseeing on the shore of the Sweet Sea

    Early sailors called the Rio de la Plata the Sweet Sea, as it was as wide as a sea but the water was fresh, not salty. With San Gabriel Island.

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