Dolycoris baccarum (UK)

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  • Hairy shield bug

    Dolycoris baccarum - Cabilla Woods Nature Reserve - Cornwall - May 2011

  • Pecked!

    Poor thing had been injured somehow! (missing a lot of its head) A bird? Seemed ok otherwise! East Pentire - Cornwall

  • Dolycoris baccarum

    Latest I've found one by a month! A nice surprise anyway. Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Hip! Hip!

    Hooray! It's a Hairy shieldbug!! ;-) Yes, I'm somewhat fond of these too!! On a Rugosa rose hip. Par Sands - Cornwall

  • Dolycoris baccarum

    Was really pleased to find a small colony of these yesterday! :-) Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Better (4 months!) late than never!!!!

    *F*I*N*A*L*L*Y*!!!!! A hairy shieldbug, and incredibly, my first of the year in the UK (found a few in France in May). What a sight for sore eyes!!! 4 months later than when I first found one last year on 29th March!!!! Shawbury Heath - Shropshire

  • Here's a funny thing!

    Was looking for Woundwort shieldbug eggs, and spotted these. Was initially surprised to find them on top of the leaf.... but after uploading the other SB eggs I found, Afterforty gave me links to some other egg pics. I realised that these looked more like…

  • Hairy shieldbug instar

    Aptly named! Shawbury Heath - Shropshire

  • Hairy instar!

    At Shawbury Heath, also spotted this Hairy Shieldbug instar on a burdock.

  • Hairy shield bug (Dolycoris baccarum)

    Wood Lane NR - Shropshire

  • Hairy shield bug (Dolycoris baccarum)

    Wood Lane NR - Shropshire

  • Eggs and nymphs everywhere!

    Last night it was too nice to go straight home after work, so I popped up to Haughmond Hill for a while. Found many more batches of Dolycoris baccarum eggs (mainly on Hedge woundwort - some on nettles), then I spotted some smaller, whiter eggs, which are…

  • First to second!

    Went back to the batch of recently hatched young I found the other day and caught them in the midst of changing from 1st to 2nd instars! Can see that those that have moulted are much hairier!! :-) Hairy shieldbugs - Dolycoris baccarum Upton Magna - Shrops…

  • Hairs in my eyes!

    When I first spotted this shieldbug nymph, I got quite excited as with the colouring, I thought I'd finally found a Eurygaster!!! Anyway, after I took the above shot, it fell into the vegetation..... I spent some time afterwards trying to relocate it, whi…

  • How cute am I??

    If I really, really had to choose a fave shieldbug species, it would likely be the Hairy shieldbug - Dolycoris baccarum (but I might choose something else another day! ;-)). Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Dolycoris baccarum

    Can't resist these! Sorry! Lol! Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Dolycoris baccarum

    Final instar from last August. Showing why it's known as the Hairy shieldbug! This species is still amongst my favourites! Can't wait to see them again this year. My personal earliest is 16th March, but in 2013, the dismal shieldbug year, I didn't see any…

  • Hairy (or Sloe!) shield bug

    Have a soft spot for this species! Venus Pool - Shropshire

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