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Cornwall 2014

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  • Meloe proscarabaeus

    The Black oil beetle. On our first day out, to Breney Common, Steve spotted this gorgeous Oil beetle! :-) Such impressive beetles! (more shots in comments) There were two tiny little wasps (?) on her which I brushed off.

  • Moth eaten

    Or rather, eating moth! Large Red damselfly - Breney Common - Cornwall

  • Ovipositing sawfly - Craesus sp

    Sawfly oviposting her eggs into the birch leaf veins. Breney Common - Cornwall Can see below where the leaf veins have been oviposited into!

  • Sericomyia lappona

    A bruiser of a hover! Didn't stay still for long so this is the best I got! Breney Common - Cornwall

  • Blue dagger!

    A dagger fly (Empis tessellata) on a bluebell! Breney Common - Cornwall

  • Double decker!

    Think these are Cassida viridis as they're more uniformly green than C. rubiginosa + the edges of the pronotum are rounder. Breney Common - Cornwall

  • Coastal woodlouse!

    Have tried a couple of keys.... getting various results, so getting more and more confused! initially thought Sea slater as this was on Sennen Cove beach, but it doesn't have the 'tails', and the antennae are different. Here's one I photographed a few yea…

  • Mist at sea!

    Was like it practically all day despite the odd sunny spell! Very atmospheric! We went to Sennen Cove in the hope of finding the Cornish Shieldbug - Geotomus punctulatus - but weren't lucky this time.... one day!! :-)

  • Sennen Cove

    Another view from our misty day at Sennen Cove - Cornwall

  • Common whitethroat

    Not the best shot, but my best shot of one! Lol! Upton Towans - Cornwall

  • Orange-tip (f)

    It was overcast and a bit drizzly so she was quite settled! Upton Towans - Cornwall

  • Dark bush cricket nymphs

    Back to Cornwall! This is the 4th species of cricket we saw during our week there. These were at Upton Towans.

  • Baby redbreast!

    Following on from the adult shot, here's one of the fledglings! They skulked around in the vegetation a fair bit but managed a quick shot when one popped out briefly! Upton Towans - Cornwall

  • Redbreast

    As we walked along the paths near Upton Towans, there was a family of robins flitting about. The adults were incredibly confiding and came so close!! Unfortunately we had nothing to offer them either! The fledglings were less obliging but did manage a sho…

  • Cryptocephalus sp

    No idea about species! Love these gorgeous metallic beetles! They certainly have a 'thing' for yellow flowers! Upton Towans - Cornwall

  • Mawgan Porth

    On a beautiful day! :-) Cornwall

  • Spider and egg sac

    No idea about species here. She's very hairy! She was on Sea buckthorn at Mawgan Porth - Cornwall

  • Little Great green bush crickets!

    Lots of these nymphs about! These were at Mawgan Porth. First time I've had one hop onto my finger and sit there quite happily too! Usually they hop off into the oblivion!! Cornwall

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