• Green lacewing

    from last year! Do love these beautiful insects, but often find them hard to approach! Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Cynipidae

    A tiny gall wasp, found on gate under an oak. Not Andricus species.... not sure which though! Any ideas please? Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Nursery web spider

    She (?) sat still whilst I very carefully approached, snapped one shot, decided to 'up' the shutter speed, and as I moved my finger, she shot off! Lol! So this is the only one I got, and the dried grasses are burnt out... but hey ho! Upton Magna - Shropsh…

  • Celery leaf beetles

    Another species I always see early on in the year. Lots of them about yesterday including several pairs in cop. Won't be long before the larvae are making short work of the new growth on the umbellifers! Upton Magna - Shropshire Another shot below

  • Cereal leaf beetle

    Always amongst the first beetles of the year that I see. Another shot below. Saw plenty of dock weevils too (Apion frumentarium) but none willing to stay still for a photo! Forecast said sunny spells and I got wet instead...! Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Water, water!

    Everywhere! A large puddle in a field in Upton Magna - Shropshire.

  • Norellia spinipes (archives!)

    Wondering if I'll see any this year.... found lots in 2012, but not a single one last year despite looking everywhere on the daffodils. Be interesting to see if they reappear this year. Hopefully won't be long! :-) Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Woundwort shieldbugs (archives!)

    Upton Magna in July.

  • Woundwort shieldbugs (archives!)

    Upton Magna in July.

  • Stenotus binotatus

    Mirid bug from last year! Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Left dangling!

    Well, I have to have a fix somehow, being as I'm not seeing any currently! Lol! Archives - Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • All this water is becoming quite a HEADACHE!

    Surface tension with droplets never ceases to amaze me!! This droplets transferred itself from the blade of grass onto this ladybird's head! Another shot below. A few flies about this lunchtime and as well as the ladybirds. Still no 'you know whats' yet t…

  • The only 'spot'

    on today's lunchtime wander... hoped for you know what, but none seen yet! Lol!

  • A thorough airing!

    Have seen hibernating ladybirds with 'condensation' in their wing cases, so wonder if this one was airing himself as it was sunny and a tad breezy!! Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Hanging...

    .... in there until the spring! Green shieldbug nymphs from the summer. Upton Magna - Shropshire The one below in comments was taken 25.07 at Osbaston - Shropshire

  • Oh what a beautiful morning!

    Hope it's not another 'shepherd's warning'!! Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Look what I found....

    ....today!! Woohoo! That's my December 'fix'! Lol! Palomena prasina - Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Lacewing

    looking for somewhere to hibernate in our office. Used my LED keyring light to illuminate, hence weird look! Shropshire

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