• Long-winged Coneheads (adult males and final instar nymph female)

    Bit confused here! Lol! Nothing new there! Now all the males (as above) have long wings... but the only female I saw has very short wings. Now the habitat would be right for the Short-winged conehead.... and the males *could* be just macropterous forms w…

  • Speckled bush cricket (m)

    Quite common in Cornwall! Think we saw them nearly everywhere we went. This one was at Par Sands.

  • Great green bush cricket (f)

    Love these large impressive crickets! Porthgwarra - Cornwall

  • Speckled and sprinkled!

    A speckled bush cricket, sprinkled with droplets after a wet night! These crickets are always present in my friends' garden! Newquay - Cornwall Another shot in comments.

  • Bog bush-cricket (f)

    A first for me! What a beauty! Thanks for making me aware of these David! Cramer Gutter - Shropshire David has a superb portrait of her here: flic.kr/p/fHZysr

  • Speckled bush cricket

    Of the 8 I found on Saturday, this adult male was by far the most handsome! West of Craven Arms - Shropshire

  • Adult Oak bush cricket

    my first adult male of the year! Under a Salix leaf. Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Oak Bush Cricket - Meconema thalassinum (female nymph)

    She was busy eating a rose sawfly larva! Could she be an Oak Bush Cricket - Meconema thalassinum (nymph) Ebury - Shropshire Thanks to David for confirming the ID! :-)

  • Entomophthora grylli

    I think! No idea about the grasshopper species though! Lol! (July) Shawbury Heath - Shropshire

  • Tettigoniidae - nymph

    Not a great shot, as they were very 'jumpy'! (ha ha!!) Saw plenty but this is the only I managed to snap! Think that at this nymphal stage, ID isn't possible... but if you disagree, I'd be happy to know! :-) Le Hézo - Brittany

  • Cricket nymph (archives)

    from St Dégan - Morbihan - Brittany (May 13) Everywhere I walked in the grass there, hopper nymphs of all varieties jumped about! The place was alive.... nothing like here. :-( Not sure about species here, Speckled maybe?

  • Grasshopper

    Never have got to grips with ID for these, so no idea! Upton Magna - Shropshire (from archives!)

  • Peek-a-boo!

    Speckled bush cricket juvenile trying to hide from my lens! (reminds me of Chad!) Kennack Sands - Cornwall

  • Speckled bush crickets

    Taken either in Shropshire or Cornwall in 2011 or 2012! :-)

  • Speckled bush cricket

    Venus Pool - Shropshire

  • Speckled bush cricket nymph

    Another one from May! Can't resist them! Polly Joke - Cornwall

  • Speckled bush crickets

    Taken either in Shropshire or Cornwall! :-)

  • Speckled bush crickets

    Taken either in Shropshire or Cornwall! :-)

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