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  • Stenotus binotatus

    Mirid bug from last year! Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Metatropis rufescens

    First came across these bugs last year and fell head over heels in love with them! Have since found them in a few locations and hope to again this year!! :-) They're associated with Enchanter's nightshade. The only thing is, living on shade loving plants…

  • Anthocoris confusus? ID please

    Would appreciate ID confirmation or correction please on this! Certainly not A. nemorum. I know the 'shininess' of wing cases can help with ID but this was down a dark lane so light was bad.... it was on Hazel. The pattern just about visible on the membra…

  • Pinalitus cervinus

    Dozens of these today sunning themselves on ivy! Upton Magna - Shropshire Another shot in comments below

  • Polymerus nigrita

    Do like these little bugs! Seen quite a few this year. Perhaps I'm just looking harder!! They're associated with Galium. Taken in August in Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Notostira elongata (f)

    She was very obliging and stayed nice and still! Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Damselbug nymph

    Seems the Damselbugs did well this year! Seen quite a few of varying species. This one was in Upton Magna back in July.

  • Pinalitus cervinus nymph?

    Really tiny, was feeding on ivy flowers. Wondering about Pinalitus cervinus due to being on ivy and also the leg and tarsal colours? Only ever found adults so far. Thanks for any help/advice! Upton magna - Shropshire More views below (not great as small…

  • Glitterbug II

    Another angle of the dew covered bug (Stenodema laevigata) from last week. Upton Magna

  • Lygus rugulipennis

    Taken in July at Shawbury Heath. Hard to tell from photo... but less 'hairy' on the corium compared with L. rugulipennis, I've been finding lately. So, wondering if it could be L cf. pratensis? Is it possible to tell? Thanks to Tristanba for confirming m…

  • Tarnished Plant Bug

    Lygus rugulipennis - they were everywhere today!! Saw dozens of them! Upton Magna - Shropshire Another shot in comments below (which won't be possible if the 'new photo experience' is inflicted on us)........

  • Glitterbug!

    Stenodema laevigata coated in dew drops on this chilly morning! As you all know, I'm a sucker for droplets! Lol! (Used this title before a few years ago, but couldn't think of a better one...). Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Horistus orientalis nymph

    A new one for me. Just got around to IDing it from May in Brittany. This one was at Quiberon but saw quite a few in several places there.

  • Notostira elongata (m)

    He landed right in front of me whilst I was out for a wander yesterday. Would have been rude not to take a photo!! ;-) Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Lygus maritimus

    Although this Genus can be difficult to separate, I'm fairly confident the species is correct due to habitat! :-) Of course, do let me know if I'm wrong! As for the plant, can't for the life of me remember it's name! Lol! I remembered! It's Sea rocket!…

  • Tree Damsel bug

    Spotted this beauty on Sunday. Kept trying to hide on the vegetation so was easier to 'shoot' on my finger! Pim Hill - Shropshire

  • Lygus rugulipennis?

    Terrible shots (another one below) I know as it was rather overcast. First thoughts were Psallus sp but don't think it's 'hairy' enough for that. Also wondered about Lygus / Orthops.... but then thought perhaps Pinalitus cervinus? Is it possible to tell f…

  • Pantilius tunicatus nymph

    Spotted this nymph on some Hazel catkins in the grounds of the Eden Project in Cornwall. First nymph I've found of this species!

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