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  • Gibbaranea sp?

    Spotted this quite small, but distinctive spider at the Réserve de Chérine in May. Maybe Gibbaranea species with those abdomenal 'points' (are they too large to be classed as tubercles?). Dorsal view below

  • From my office window

    Being short sighted, I don't wear glasses in the office, so although I'd seen a bird on the telegraph pole this morning, I didn't realise it was a buzzard until some jackdaws dive bombed it! So I put my glasses on, and took a couple of snaps through the o…

  • A surprise!

    Always thought of the adult Cantharidae as being pollen eaters, but it seems they're opportunistic too? This Cantharis sp. appears to be feasting on another dead one. (It's head is under the other's elytra) Réserve de Chérine - La Brenne - France

  • Rutpela maculata

    Saw so few last year... hoping there'll be more in 2017! Holywell Bay - Cornwall

  • Hawthorn shieldbug

    Was pleased to spot this beauty in a curled up bramble leaf, and then the sun briefly burst through the clouds, enabling me to get a nicely lit shot! (no idea what the Collembola is!) Battlefield - Shropshire

  • The bigger picture

    2nd instar Pentatoma nymph on a wooden post. Battlefield - Shropshire

  • Pentatoma rufipes

    2nd instar nymphs. Saw a few on the wooden posts at Battlefield yesterday. Yep! More bugs...! What can I say. Boring for you all most likely, but can't help myself!

  • Well it's Friday!

    So it's a 'Doly'fest! :-) This lovely Hairy shieldbug was at the Cliffe in Shropshire

  • Fluff!

    Hairy shieldbug on a fluffy dandelion seedhead! Battlefield - Shropshire

  • Hairy shieldbug

    This one was at Llanymynech - Shropshire

  • Dolycoris baccarum

    Spotted this couple on a lovely (unknown) plant on the edge of someone's garden! Les Roches - Indre - France

  • Gonocerus juniperi

    Similar to one I already uploaded, but that was 7 months ago! ;-) La Boudinière - La Brenne - France

  • Final instar Bronze

    from August - Lyth Hill - Shropshire

  • Bishop's Mitre

    A rather nicely marked one! Pyramide de Saint-Quentin - Indre-et-Loire - France

  • Chicory

    One of my fave wild flowers! On a rather damp day... Lightmoor - Shropshire

  • Back to the archives!

    Newborough beach looking towards the Snowdonia range. Anglesey

  • Female Winter Moth

    I presume! Smaller than I thought they would be, but only seen Vapourer females before. Upton Magna - Shropshire

  • Clear skies!

    Barely a cloud in the sky yesterday! Looking towards the Stiperstones I think! Lyth Hill - Shropshire

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