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  • Swoop

    With over 6500 images in my 2013 Lightroom catalog, picking just one as my favourite for the year that I hadn't already posted took more of my time than most of the shots did to create! This was was taken at the hawk conservancy trust. I've chosen it, be…

  • How times flies

    So this is how we looked nine whole years ago! Week 51 "MEMORIES"

  • Under the Christmas tree

    Christmas tree tunnel! Week 50 - Happy Holidays

  • All washed up

    Having done a load of self portraits last year, I was oddly lacking in inspiration for this theme. Fortunately the fisheye came to the rescue. Week 49 - SELF PORTRAIT

  • Thankful

    It's a bit of a cliche response to this weeks theme, but I am really thankful I have these guys in my life. Week 48 - Thankful

  • Musical Appeal

    A bit of street music appeals to the younger generation. The Iron Boot Scrapers, playing in Brighton Place. Week 47 - Music

  • Mirrors edge

    Once again this is me having to use a backup shot as something came up and prevented me from doing the shot I wanted to do. This is one of my favourite places for photography, Shoreham's rarely exposed sandy beach at sunset. Eldest daughter(complete with…

  • Remembrance

    I'm ashamed to say that despite living in or around Brighton for my entire life, I've never taken the time to walk up to this memorial to the Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the Allies during the First World War. The site, called the Cha…

  • Under my Umbrella

    Not really what I wanted to do for Long Exposure, but the weather, work and lack of time in general have conspired against me. Week #44 Long Exposure

  • Snuff

    Bury all your secrets in my skin. Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins. The air around me still feels like a cage And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again... So if you love me, let me go. And run away before I kno…

  • Black swan

    I went to the home of WInston Churchill the other day, on the lake there are the famous black swans. This is the reflection of one of them in the water. Week #42 Abstract

  • Concentrate

    Sam really struggles with reading, so getting him to sit down with a book is actually a feat of achievement in itself! Week 41 "Words"

  • Waif

    MIddle child was the model for this one, unfortunately because she's a gymnast and a swimmer her arm muscles are slightly large! HDR at +3,0,-3 combined using Photomatix. Week 40 - "sadness/what makes me sad"

  • Volcanic Brighton Beach

    Sunset over Brighton Beach has been looked quite this.....colourful before. Week 39 . Processed image. Before and After.

  • Immolate!

    A bit of street theatre in Brighton. This is one of those situations where I wish I'd had a bit more warning, a slightly shorter focal length lens or slightly more room to back up. Unfortunately with street shots you can't say "I'm sorry, I buggered that…

  • What is it?!

    Struggled to find something cool and photographic interesting for this theme. Week #37 WHAT IS IT???

  • Brighton Beach

    There are soo many little stories going on in this shot, if you look closely. The couple having a cuddle on the bench, the guy emptying the bin, the woman with two bikes. This was taken with my Samyang 14mm and is an Exposure fusion of 3 images. Week 36…

  • Salisbury Cathedral

    Not happy with this shot at all, but having been on a solo camping adventure with three young children it's the best I'm going to manage.

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