• Springtime feelings 9899 in the dark

    A dark one, this time Dedicated to Azephalia

  • Springtime feelings 30318 how small we are

  • Springtime feelings 31450bn 2 Thoughtful

    Have a shiny happy week, my friends ;-))

  • Springtime feelings 30443 tenderness II (high key)

    I stay breathless gazing at my children growth and feel there must be a reason why the light is always shining on them

  • Springtime feelings 9555

  • Springtime feelings 32535 6 peace

    Texture courtesy of www.cgtextures.com

  • Springtime feelings 32740 Springtime feelings?

  • Springtime feelings 34618 2 summer colours

    This morning, going to work, I've seen summer colours starting to appear...

  • Springtime feelings 35656 wet wet wheat

    A pictorial post-pro, too complex to render in JPG...

  • Springtime feelings 34609 4 lonely poppies

    My first PiP: go on the note to see the b&w version Have an happy weekend, my friends

  • Springtime feelings 36298 quiet

    Have an happy weekend and a joyful start of summer

  • Springtime feelings 36350

  • Colourful summer 37108DPP fight for light


  • Monochrome summer 37286 little jewel

    Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Canon EF 50mm f1.8... the best you can buy with 100€...

  • Colourful summer 37120DPP

    Have a colourful weekend, my friends ;-)

  • Monochrome summer 37297 razor

    I'm still trying to learn to use this lens (50f1.8), something similar to a razor compared with my previous lenses...

  • (Repost) Beauty and the... beach (the original shot)

    Soepkipje asked why this shot was numbered "third". Well, Rita, after the b&w version I published on Flickr the original colour shot (and never published it on Ipernity). It was deleted when I didn't renewed my Flickr pro account. I publish it here today…

  • Springtime feelings 34920 street wedding

    Waiting for PACS...

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