• Foooooood!!!

  • Summer Jamboree - Monsters V

  • Beppe Grillo on stage (12-Sep-07)

  • (Repost) Foggy Rotonda

    #105 (06-Jun-2007) --> my 15th Explore ! Wow! Great day today: thank you very much, my friends! #60 (08-Jun-2007) June 6th, 2007: exactly 10.000 stream views when I opened the page today; thank you very much, my friends: I'm honoured of your warm suppor…

  • (Repost) Fading light

    Someone said this is sunflower shots day :-))) Imported using Flickr2Ipernity GreaseMonkey script: www.ipernity.com/about/gm A very very modified Orton: playing with ShowFoto and TheGIMP on Ubuntu Linux. I modified the saturation on the original RAW sh…

  • (Repost) Highlights and Shadows

    Cistercians Abbey - Santa Maria in Castagnola - Chiaravalle (AN) Playing with Photomatix Basic and a RAW shot

  • Public performance

    Taken from the audience of a Ginevra Di Marco concert. Post-processed to correct the colours.

  • A new start (flying away)

  • @Sunset

    Have a nice weekend, my friends :)

  • City hall @ night

    Still learning to use RawTherapee ;-)

  • Luni e Senigallia

  • Foro Annonario @ night

    Ready for the European Music Celebration

  • Basket

    My son's passion

  • The pro choice :)

    Subliminal advertising :-)

  • (Repost) Ghosts

    Playing with zoom during a long exposure. Post-processed on Ubuntu LInux using RawTherapee

  • The pro choice 2 :)

    Playing with layers and radial motion blur

  • Visionari

    A modified Orton effect. Shot during a concert of the big Italian jazzman Stefano Bollani and his Quintet, "I Visionari". Sorry if it isn't a good shot: 1 sec exposure without tripod nor support :-)))

  • Country at night

    A 46 sec exposure without tripod on top of my car :)

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