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Feeding the fishes

Dinner for the fishes

Molly having babies

When I saw, that my Molly was hunted by the other Mollys while having her babies, I had to seperate her. I hang the measuring jug into the aquarium that the water temperature didn't get too cold.

Molly having babies

When she calmed down after a few minutes the first babies where born.

Molly having babies

after 15 minutes there where several babies swimming around and resting on the leafs I put into the water

Black Molly Babies grow up

born February 3rd

Albino Black Molly Baby

Now tell me who is smaller!

A saurian with megalomania!

Black Molly Babies

born 3rd February

disabled Guppy

Many people told me to kill her, because of her twisted spine, but I decided to give her a chance and she is now one of the fastest fishes in the aquarium.
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