Posted on 09/28/2007

Photo taken on September 29, 2007

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Moved into her new apartment

Moved into her new apartment
Playing around with Tabeas new camera (damn... this cam is so much better than mine...)

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sie sieht so richtig schön zufrieden aus. süss :-
10 years ago.
Ricarda has replied to *Rosi*
So mit Eigenheim kann man sich auch nicht bescheren oder? :)
10 years ago.
hehe little cuty..
Well, take it easy, you'll get a new camera, sooner or later.. ^^
I had to wait too.. ^^
10 years ago.
Ricarda has replied to Tabea
I am a patient person.. :)
As long as you visit me twice a week with your camera :D
10 years ago.
Tabea has replied to Ricarda
hmmm.. with this rain outthere? argh...
10 years ago.
10 years ago.
Ricarda has replied to guenterhb
danke guenther :)
10 years ago.
Dan Andersen
Dan Andersen
She's so adorable, I just want to cuddle her -
10 years ago.
Ricarda has replied to Dan Andersen
Yes she is... And a little hyperactive ;)
10 years ago.
Dan Andersen
Dan Andersen

I sent my friends a pic of Felidae when you first got her, and this picture to show how much she's improved -

Here's what they said -

Oh, that first picture just about made me cry! So glad she's found a loving home and people who'll look after her properly.

Wonderful story! Thank you.

Her before pictures make her look like such a miserable little thing...and how she looks so happy!! YAYAYAY!

Awww, what a pretty kitty!
I love before and after pics of stray kitties. The kitty in my icon was healthy when found (except for fleas) but was skinny and scraggly and is now spoiled and happy.

The first picture almost made me cry, but she looks so healthy and happy now! And such a pretty cat, I just wanna pet her. I dig the collar too. Suits the cuteness well.:)

Ohh yeah, she looks like a proper little madam :D

Hurrah for cat rescuers!

Oh, yay! What a pretty princess. And three cheers to Ricarda for rescuing her. :)

Wow, being loved to death has really paid off for her! She is breathtaking!

OMG look how healthy! yay!!!

She's gorgious. You're a wonderful parent!

Oh that is so wonderful! I took my kitty (well then anyways...) Georgie home he fitted in to my palm and has namonia and eyes like Felidae here, now he's fat and doesn't fit my arms lol and hates me XD hehe.

omg she's SO PRETTY! i'm glad she's doing so well!

She looks as spoiled as a baby should be. =)


I love that 2nd pic, she looks at the camera like "excuse me, I thought you UNDERSTOOD that this was my private time. Thank you!"

what a beautiful little kitten she turned into! eee!

That's amazing!! You are a wonderful person.
10 years ago.
Ricarda has replied to Dan Andersen
Aaaaahhh now I know. It's you :) Wow good to see you here :) And again many thanks to your friends :) The pictures is brandnew. 3 days old. She is growing so fast and has such a beautiful character :) I would always take her again.. When I look at the before and after pictures, I could cry because she became such a beautiful Strong cat.. Many greetings and thanks to your friends :) And thank you for coming here and sharing that wonderful time with me :)
10 years ago.
Dan Andersen has replied to Ricarda
More comments came in today! You're very popular with my friends -

Aw, shes so prettyy. I'm glad she turned out so well!

She is absolutely beautiful! Glad someone was there to find her and make her so. Three Cheers For Ricarda.. HIP HIP HIZZA HIP HIP HIZZA HIP HIP HIZZA!!!
In all seriousness she really is a beautiful kid!!

That first picture is so heartbreaking--poor kitten! I am so glad that your friend rescued her. She's so beautiful! What a lucky, lucky girl!

The "after" pic makes me so so happy! :>) I'm so glad that she's in a proper care now, in a family that loves her!

She looks so much better now! What a little darling!
And I know how it is with spoiling kitties. Our three are all little brats. :)

Oh my god - they look different cats, seriously... That first pic made me want to cry and smoosh the little thing lotsly, but the bottom two pics are just stunning... such beautiful markings too!
A little furry angel ^_^

Oh, what a precious little kitty! Bless those who saved her.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW So cute!! And glowing with good health! I can't believe people just drop them off on the side of the road!

All animal rescuers go straight to Heaven. :-)
I love her ginger spots, what a beauty!

Aaaaaw. Those eyes looked so sore. So glad someone cares for her, now.

Lovely wee girl! So glad she's healthy and sassy and loved.
10 years ago.
Ricarda has replied to Dan Andersen
Your friends are so kind :) Thank them for all their comments. And greet them from me :)
10 years ago.
Very nice!
9 years ago.