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  • BNN Reporter in Training Babette

    Hello this is Babette reporting the interview we did with Shannon_Taylor about Manaki's visit to to Tennessee. As you will get to see Manaki was able to stand in two states at once while staying in Bristol. I thought I would point out that on the globe…

  • Blythe Network News - Babette Reporter in Training.

    Hi this is Babette - Reporter in Training, as we near the end of this years traveling Blythe girls travels, I thought I should interview all three of the Blythe girls. I now have two of the interviews completed & as I know some fans were worried about wh…

  • Blythe Network News - Babette Reporter in Training.

    Hello everyone! This is Babette & I am getting to report the interview that I did with Sharlene Blythes~in~the~Garden who lives in Australia. I must point out that Australia is this large mass of land that looks like a pinkish purple mass here to the le…

  • Emmi & her little picnic-reading area

    My first real raffle win ever at a doll event. This sweet mini dal with her little books picnic blanket & garden area was won at PUDDLE an event for Dal & Pullip Lovers held just outside of Chicago. Photo taken in hotel where event took place in the roo…

  • Two Pretties at the Portland Blythe Meet!

  • After Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Half the Group Explored the Lily Day Cafe

  • Babette

  • Pond & Bridge at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

    Waiting for everyone to arrive...

  • One of Sylvia's Girls at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden for the Spring Portland Blythe Meet!

  • Meditation by the Sea

  • Just a Light Rain in the Garden!

  • A Couple Thinking About What They Want To Do With Their Day!

  • My Small Reprieve - May Have Turned Into A Long Break as iPhoto isn't working on my computer any longer - Boo...!

    Will be back on Flickr in February, just taking a short break! Well maybe In April now since iPhoto isn't working - back to the repair shop!

  • a moment

    Ellie finding a new look!