• Grandparent overload

  • "Once we eat all of yours you can have some of mine."

  • Happy National Know Your Gene Pool Day!

    In honor of National Know Your Gene Pool Day, I'm posting this photo of my father's maternal grandparents, Charles and Julieana Olsen, posing before their outhouse. I am told Charles awoke with this expression and took it to bed with him each night. Some…

  • The Consultation

  • Assorted kinfolk training for the Greater Milwaukee Lutheran Lap-sitting Marathon. c. 1948. They hadn't yet anticipated the increased challenges facing them when competing without benefit of wine.

    Brought forward for the Vintage Photos Theme Park "Are you sitting comfortably?" Theme. I think the couple in the rear have reached a state of bliss that may carry them to victory.

  • Some things are eternal

    Secret thoughts of The Force

  • The '50s: Life in the burbs

    My parents, posing with the stuffed lion my father brought home from a three-martini safari past a toy-store window display.

  • G&R Do the Onesie Jump

  • Share a blissful evening with all the lonely people. Where do they all come from?

    Enjoyed a pint with Father McKenzie at Moll Teazer's

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  • Polaroid taken for Hugh Heffner's "Playboy's Guide to the Girls of the Grossenbach Family Reunion", 1961. Never made it to print.

    Great Aunt Esther, Great Aunt Kate, Grandma G., Aunt Lorraine, Mom at the bar in our basement. In those days suburban Chicago homes either had a bar or a bomb shelter. It wasn't a challenging choice for my Dad.

  • Training them in the finer points of being male. So proud of their progress.

  • Latest CD (operators are standing by)

  • High Noon Lost Scene

    Lost scene from "High Noon" where Lloyd Bridges (center), tells Gary Cooper he'll join Cooper in his fight against Frank Miller and his gang. Newlywed bride, Grace Kelly, is not happy that her honeymoon is delayed and that Bridges has failed to bring a w…

  • "Don't worry Dr. Jones, the Ark is now in the capable hands of the U.S. Navy."

    Could be a scene from a movie in the Vintage Photos Theme Park. Taken by my wife's father aboard USS Catamount, LSD 17, sometime 1945 in the Pacific

  • "Hi, I’m Jude. Won't you please join me in helping provide a warm and loving Thanksgiving for our elderly citizens again this year?"


  • Make someone happy this Christmas with the gift of music!

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  • Blucher!

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