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Forced to raise cane.

07 Sep 2010 2 12
Carl and Chatter the Chimp when my dad hosted an afternoon kids show, c. 1958. Tardy submission for the Vintage Photo Theme Park's theme, Canes, Batons, Spears, etc.

Buddies, 1960

I'm happy just to dance with you

27 Dec 2020 4
Late in the Eisenhower administration.

Summer of '62

Alice, ready to accept Devo as her musical savior.

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Sara and Betty Parkes, c. 1933

Puppy love, 1958

Foggy morning.

Mona Lisa2s

Rufus Parkes, c. 1900

Rufus Parkes, c. 1922

Down on the farm, 1982


Sallie Mae Anderson Couser,

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