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  • Sister Reunion

  • Sister Reunion

  • I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.

    Most accommodating posers of the animal kingdom.

  • Toasting the bride and groom in the Vintage Photos Theme Park, 14 Feb 1946.

    My parents' wedding, submitted for this week's Wedding theme.

  • Here's what it's like when you're an older person, your long-time dentist has retired, and you come in for your first appointment with his replacement.

  • Young woman knitting with dog, 1968

    My not yet wife, knitting a sweater for me. Submitted to the VPTP for "Kissing, Fishing, Knitting" theme week with a bonus dog. If only they were kissing.

  • Mid-century merriment. March, 1950.

    Celebrating a third birthday in the Vintage Photos Theme Park.

  • Slowly roasting family by the Hilton Pool, New Orleans, 1960.

    Submitted to the Vintage Photos Theme Park's "Hotels/Motels" theme.

  • Mary

  • Chance encounter with Salvador Dali

  • Ricky, you've got a lot of 'spaining to do.

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  • Quietly amused

  • Picked up this hippie chick with cat and love beads

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  • Ghost of Christmas past

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